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NCCHM regresa a San Antonio – 2017 Annual Meeting

NCCHM to hold 2017 Annual Meeting at the Mexican American Catholic College

The National Catholic Council for Hispanic Ministry is again convening leaders, religious, organizations, and laity to a national gathering under the theme: La mística de la Pastoral Juvenil Hispana: Evangelizar en esta nueva época:  for a dialogue on the realities of Pastoral Juvenil Hispana and the growing challenges, needs, and blessings presented. And once again, the Mexican American Catholic College will open its doors from Sept. 21-24 to welcome us to this gathering of NCCHM members and non-members, due to the importance of the subject in our Church and Society.

The latest demographics state that young people have been leaving the Church in great numbers, making it essential for pastoral and ministry leaders to listen, reflect, dialogue with our jóvenes, accompany, and evangelize Hispanic youth and young adults. As we reflected during the NCCHM meeting in 2016, we have a entered a new era in the Church, one that is considered to be an opportune moment to evangelize and receive the blessings of our youth and young adults as they prepare to lead.

IMG_5474In planning for this meeting nearly two years ago, NCCHM and La RED-National Catholic Network for Pastoral Juvenil Hispana, began dialoguing and working in Pastoral de Conjunto to reflect on what the Spirit is calling us to do, recognizing that evangelizing, accompanying, and supporting our jóvenes is everyone’s mission, not just La RED’s.

As a result, the 2017 NCCHM’s annual meeting will become a platform for dialogue, reflection, and prayer on the needs and blessings of Pastoral Juvenil Hispana, but most importantly this meeting will give NCCHM members and meeting participants the opportunity to listen to the voices of our jóvenes, in and out of the Church, who will dialogue about why they stay and why they leave their faith and Church.

NCCHM’s 2017 Annual Meeting will be held at the Mexican American Catholic College, in San Antonio, Texas on Sept 21-25:

The meeting’s preliminary agenda includes:

  • President and Treasurer’s 2016 Reports
  • Elections to the NCCHM Board of Directors: five positions on the NCCHM Board of Directors open for election or re-election in 2017: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and two members at-large.
  • Las voces de nuestros jóvenes: The session’s topics include accompanying jovenesimg_5626.jpg and sharing the joy of Gospel in uncertain times; young people will share why they serve and remain faithful, how the Church can help and support young people; while several young people will openly dialogue about why they left the Church or no longer follow their faith.
    Two young Hispanic/Latino Catholic leaders working in ministry will dialogue about what inspires them to remain in the Church; serve in ministry, how they do it, and why they do it. / Two young Hispanic/Latino professionals who work in community service will discuss why the Church is not relevant to them and the reasons they left.
  • A look at the 2018 Synod of the Bishop on Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment
  • 13568956_1309512945745506_2812182835439397491_oPresentation of the Vocations’ Manual sponsored by NCCHM and written by Sr. Dominga Zapata and Dr. Rosemarie Kamke, and edited by Carmen F. Aguinaco; the new Vocations Manual examines vocations in the broad sense from the life choices we make from our Baptismal call that correspond to the will of God and the good of the person, Church, and society.
  • Encountering, accompanying, listening to the voices of young people; where do we encounter young people; accompanying and listening to their voices; importance of young people in Church; the digital world and the unprecedented opportunities offered, the tools and resources for education, prayer, reflection, and how it’s impacting our People, Church, and Society.
  • Pastoral Juvenil Hispana (PJH): What is PHJ? Its mística, spirituality, mission, and vision. Presented by La RED National Catholic Network of Pastoral Juvenil Hispana.
  • Evangelizing (especially youth and young adults) on a global level – A presentation by Alpha Latin America
  • What’s next: The V Encuentro, Raíces y Alas 2020 and more

Registration Fee: $350.00 (includes registration and meals)
Rooms at MACC (shared rooms and bathroom): $70.00

Download the preliminary meeting program below:
NCCHM 2017 Meeting Program-rev

Download NCCHM Registration Form below:

Send completed registration form and payment to:
National Catholic Council for Hispanic Ministry
5401 S Cornell St. Room 218
Chicago, IL 60647

See you in San Antonio!

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